Wabash GATC 2600 Airslide Covered Hoppers 1954+

This decal set will help you letter the Wabash fleet of GATC 2600 cu.ft. Airslide Covered Hoppers. In HO, models from Athearn, Walthers, Eastern Car Works or Con Cor can be used. The Wabash leased/owned/rostered over 200 cars through the 50s and 60s. The leased cars came online between 1954 and 1960 in various groups. The Wabash also bought 100 cars new in 1962. All of the cars have gray bodies and ends, and have black bays/centersills between the bolsters. The 1962 order also featured a large Wabash logo plate bolted to the side of the car.

GACX 42xxx, 43xxx and 44xxx series (GACX leased cars with Wabash lettering) Early Body Style Blt. 1954-1960
WAB 41100-41199 Built new for the Wabash in 5-62

Enough lettering is supplied to letter 3 different cars. These cars lasted into the 70s and the Wabash owned cars (some minus placards..) made it through the 80s. Many people had a hand in getting these decals done. In this case, a BIG thank you to Ken Rees, Nick Molo, Dan Holbrook and David Lehlbach for the research and photo help!

Additional photos of Wabash Airslides can be found in Morning Sun's Wabash Color Guide to Freight Cars.

The decal set is printed in black, white, yellow and red. An extensive lettering diagram with number series and 3 example cars is included.

Cost: $10.00 per set. Available in HO Scale.

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